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Along with ever increasing Internet speed and advancements in browser technology, the rules for website design also keep changing to be more effective and user-friendly. Today we consume things visually first and then by the content. It is the same for websites too. To get many clicks and visitors, your website design has to be simple, effective and responsive for every device (personal computer, mobile phone or tablet).

But when developing websites, most of the focus remains concentrated on the content and layout, whereas the website background is largely ignored. A background is the first impression that the visitor gets of your website and is the real differentiator between a boring and an interesting site. Choosing the right background patterns, colors, tones, and fonts does not just improve the aesthetics of your site but it can also help grab the audience attention to keep them interested in browsing for longer.

In this article we look at some latest website background trends that can give your website a quick refresh.


Emotional branding through the use of high quality images as website background can help visitors make an emotional connection or positive associations with your brand.  Using background images associated with your brand, products or web content can add visual appeal to your website and also leave a lasting impression on visitors.

For instance, in the menu section of the French restaurant, Le Duc, a large hero background image is used to create a fun parallax effect and to deliver their brand message more effectively.

You can choose any type of image for your website background such as a photograph, painting, vectors, abstract art, etc, as long as it is coherent with other design elements.

You can opt for a full width image or pick a tiled layout. Just make sure that the image is not too busy and does not distract the visitors from the main message you are trying to convey.

For best results, make sure the image you added to your site is responsive and that it takes up 100% of the containing element.

Preferably you should be using your own images on your website, but if not make sure to always use copyright free high-quality stock photos.

Geometric Elements

Cool geometric patterns from swirls, lines, circles to polygons and rectangles are now preferred by designers for creating more tactile website backgrounds. Layering full width photos with basic shapes can give the website an awesome and creative feeling.

Shapes similar to your logo can also be used to establish brand identity.  Geometric elements should be used with a purpose to catch the eye of the visitor or to lead them to perform a certain action.


Designers are making bright website background color choices to add visual interest to a dull space in the website and to draw users into the design. Whether you use single color blocks or a combination of multiple colors the effect is for a fun and loud statement.

Besides solid colors, you can also try out gradients, textures and color fades.

Depending on the theme of your site and the impression you want to create about your business, you can even opt for a plain white or light gray background or a subtle color, as long as the colors match your industry. Whatever you do, the website background color should not match your text color as it will be difficult for your visitors to read the site content.


Website background elements or patterns do not have to line up perfectly. It most certainly does not have to be a solid color or image. All of these elements can come together to create perfect balance that is far from cookie-cutter and certainly cannot be cut right down the middle. Designers can use asymmetry to create bold and visually interesting balance and harmony even though two sides of the design do not mirror one another. Using asymmetrical patterns as background is an interesting and thought provoking technique.

For instance, asymmetrical balance can be achieved using asymmetrical color blocks or the use of a hero image with large call-to-action that forces you to look at the text.


With the increasing speed of internet and larger support systems now, you can now use video backgrounds to pique interest and prolong audience visits. Whether it is an introductory video of your business or motion video clips relevant to your business, adding video backgrounds can definitely make your overall website design look impressive and help in website branding. Backnegative’s website uses clean and engaging video backgrounds really well to tell brand stories.

Push the Boundaries with Your Website Background

Hope this article helps you find inspiration to try something different. Sometimes it pays to take an unorthodox approach with background designs for your website. Are you ready to push some website background boundaries with bright colors, cool geometry, minimal styles, asymmetrical patterns, motion background and abstract art?