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HostLabs Microsoft® Exchange™ 2010 platform is receiving a new control Panel!

The new control panel in use for our Exchange services is called EMScortex®. Cortex allows our customers to manage their email accounts and features easier than ever before. The interface is friendlier and easier to navigate while maintaining accounts.

  • Allows a single user identity to be provisioned with many hosted applications
  • Has an easy to use web based interface which can be used by users with little IT expertise with negligible training.

EMScortex offers the end user the ability to manage all subscribed services (Exchange, SharePoint and Blackberry) with only a few clicks of the mouse. One of the key benefits Cortex provides is the ability to delegate administrative tasks to the end-customer. This allows service providers to provide a more efficient service with minimal support staff.

Customer administrators can themselves perform most of the user administration required for their own organization. Managing user accounts, provisioning services or managing their organization’s own services (e.g. Hosted Exchange contacts or distribution lists) is performed through the easy to use web interface. Training needs are minimized and usually not required.

  • Allows customers to import users in bulk through an Excel file
  • Create as many administrator users as necessary
  • Control service specific administrative permissions
  • Configure email alerts for expiring passwords or unused accounts

Some examples of the standard features available to a customer administrator include:

  • Create new users
  • Provision services to users, e.g. Give a user a mailbox or grant access to a SharePoint site
  • Disable a user’s account, stopping them from accessing any hosted services
  • Unlock accounts
  • Reset user passwords
  • Copy an existing user, complete with all configured services.

Simple administration functionality is available to all user accounts provisioned in the system. Changing a password or downloading a configuration file for Microsoft Outlook can be achieved by logging in to the same Cortex system.

Users can typically:

  • Change their existing password
  • Unlock user accounts and reset passwords for other users (full and partial administrators)
  • View configuration information screens or download required setup files
  • Provide customized content to users based on the services they are subscribed to
  • View any reports published to the user.

Manage services and users

Cortex allows you to manage services and users for all of your customers and sub-customers (for reseller).

  • Able to create multiple instances of a service for a customer
  • Configure resource settings per service; limit the maximum number of users that a customer can provision with a service
  • Impersonate another user to investigate any user related issues – from their perspective
  • View password expiry and Active Directory account status
  • Disable or enable customers and users quickly

Provisioning Status Indicators

Provisioning tasks are queued and handled out-of-process. This keeps the user interface responsive and allows users to get on with other tasks rather than waiting for slow provisioning tasks to complete. Cortex provides provisioning status indicators to keep the user updated with progress.

  • Real time updates on status of provisioning requests
  • Drill down to quickly determine the cause of any problems
  • Continue to work while Cortex completes provisioning processes.
  • Customers can enable their own users for BlackBerry
  • Cortex ensures BlackBerry can only be provisioned to existing Exchange enabled users

Provision BlackBerry to End-users

Cortex offers an easy to use solution that allows customer to manage their own BlackBerry Service and provision existing Exchange users with the BlackBerry service.

  • Provisioning a user to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server can be performed in a matter of seconds
  • Cortex will send a notification email to the user’s email account, detailing their BlackBerry user logon details

Management of existing users’ BlackBerry accounts

Cortex allows standard BlackBerry Management functions to be delegated to the customer, allowing them to effectively manage their users’ BlackBerry accounts.

  • Supports BlackBerry device wipe-out functionality
  • Ability to remove BlackBerry PIN, Statistics and user defined filters
  • Individual users’ BlackBerry usage statistics are displayed

Configuring Outlook to connect to Exchange

Users can start using their mailboxes in a matter of minutes. Follow a simple wizard and Cortex will generate a customized set up file for configuring Outlook.

  • Configure Outlook to access the server via any available protocol
  • Download customized setup file to configure Outlook in seconds
  • Automatically enters password to avoid prompts each time Outlook is started

Microsoft® Sharepoint™ Services

  • End customers can easily control access to SharePoint sites
  • Users have a common Active Directory identity for SharePoint and other hosted services such as Exchange

Provision SharePoint to End-users


Cortex controls which users have access to each SharePoint Site. The customer administrator can easily provision a user to any of their SharePoint sites. Site roles are automatically retrieved from the SharePoint site in real time and displayed for selection.

  • Select the SharePoint Instance; the URL for the site will be displayed as the Instance Name
  • Select whether the user is an administrator
  • Choose the appropriate SharePoint roles for the user

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