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SecureLive Global Security

Easy to Install, Impossible to Crack

Take advantage of the most effective security system ever engineered. SecureLive has blocked over 60 million hacks, shut thousands of hackers down and formed the basis for many active prosecutions. This proven system is available to protect you and make sure your website is protected from any kind of intrusion. For only $9.95/mo per domain, you’ll never need to worry about security ever again!

As we burrow deeper into the age of technology, web security has very rapidly become one of the most serious issues of the internet, especially when it comes to customer data and intellectual properties. SecureLive is the advanced security system that you need to immediately block hackers, and see any/all reports of malicious activity.

Features Include:



Alerts can be set to automatically notify your email address of any activity that might be defined as a malicious or seen as malicious intent in real-time, it gives you and the SecureLive team immediate notice for action daily or as a weekly digest however no action is needed on your end as it is automated and always secured.


Once activated, SecureLive is ready for all connections made to your site. That includes hackers pinging on your website or malicious bots searching for a doorway into your website making your site insecure. 


There are many types of attacks and new ones being created constantly. SecureLive recognizes all known attack and hack types and blocks them. Attacks including Bots, XSS, SQL injections, PHP exploits, Login brute-force, & XML-RPC are blocked. SecureLive adapts to new threats everyday thanks to our herd immunity technology (HIT).

SecureLive Patented Live Web Security

Web security has fast become a serious issue when it comes to websites, intellectual property, and customer data. If you have been looking for a serious and proven security solution for your site, look no further. SecureLive is an advanced security system designed to seamlessly integrate into WordPress via a plugin. Protection and support is coming soon for other CMS platforms. With a simple plugin installation and activation, you will immediately begin blocking hackers and seeing reports of the malicious activity on your site.

SecureLive Advantages


Blocks attacks before they hack your website and business making our site insecure  for your clients.

Herd Immunity Protection

As other websites with Securelive are attacked our system learns and all clients will be protected.


Each case for us is unique, so we immediately email a protection alert to your inbox.


For XML-RPC attacks, Brute-Force attacks, as well as common vulnerable Plugins.

24/7 Ticket

24/7/365 Ticket Support is included for a better security service for your website.

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